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FB Series
ชื่อสินค้า : พัดลมติดผนังป้องกันการระเบิด
FB Series
รุ่นสินค้า : ขนาด FB-500 20นิ้ว, FB-600 24นิ้ว, FB-750 30นิ้ว
รายละเอียด :


  • FB Series Wall mount explosion-proof fans of ex-proof motor, blades, protective grill & installation bracket.
  • It is made of international high-purity copper wire, which is not easy to burn. It has low heat dissipation, high efficiency, and low energy consumption.
  • All FB series fan is equipped with a high-quality explosion-proof quick switch.
  • Fan blade made of die cast aluminum with good aerodynamics for strong airflow.


  • Applicable in the factory with explosive gas mixtures formed by flammable gases of IIA and IIB grades with the temperature group ranging from T1 to T4 and for preventing explosion.
  • Ventilating in places that are divided into Zone 1 and Zone 2, such as workshops, warehouses, offices, and gas stations in military, chemical, machinery, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, and other industries.


Model Diameter Voltage Frequency Speed Power Air Flow
  mm. (Inches) V Hz rpm W m3/min
FB-500 500 mm. (20") 220 50 1450 370 6,600
FB-600 600 mm. (24") 220 50 1450 550 9,600
FB-750 750 mm. (30") 220 50 1450 750 18,000